Dave Kim isn't one to brag about himself. Like his pottery, Dave finds true beauty in the humble things. Born in the very old Korean city of Gyeongju, the potter (who now resides in Brookyn, NY) spent most of his childhood hanging out around ancient temples and taking trips to history museums, where Korea's cultural heritage melded with his innate imagination.  READ MORE

Delaney Thornton has had some crazy college spring breaks. The craziest one she ever had? When she went home to Nashville and announced to her mom that she wanted to try her hand at needlepoint.  READ MORE

The business of art ain’t for the weak of heart. This isn’t news to Heidi Luerra, who a decade ago was a budding fashion designer working her butt off to get her collection seen, and happened to build a global platform for emerging artists in the process. Now, like a painter stepping back from her canvas to take in the whole, Heidi is reflecting on what she’s created – and learned – in her freshman book, The Work of Art, A No-Nonsense Field Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs.  READ MORE


It was my friend Rachel that led me to Vipassana. "Ten days of silence," she said to me. "You can't read, talk, listen to music--nothing. And it's free." I paused for a moment, wondering if I'd heard correctly. "Where?" was all I could think to say.  READ MORE

The Colab Beauty Group is a boutique agency comprised of diverse and talented hair and makeup artists. With expertise in red carpet, film, television, and editorial beauty, these artists thrive through collaboration with each other and, most importantly, their clients. READ MORE

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At the Heart of Makeup, we believe that looking your best also means feeling your best. With a team of highly experienced hair and makeup artists, we work to bring out your natural beauty so you can feel like your best self on the days that mean the most to you. READ MORE

Hello, I'm Claudio. Welcome to Synergy, my holistic wellness center in Encino, California. At Synergy, it is my goal to provide you with the time and space to heal your body and relax your mind.  READ MORE